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Holy cow it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on the old blogging machine! Well here I am to fill you in on the going ons of Regular Guy Brewing. We have been so busy brewing eight batches per day, it’s been insane! That’s a lie. We haven’t brewed for a while now. Our last brew session was our Red Rye IPA (just in case you forgot what it looks like)


and while it’s delicious and we love it like crazy, we are definitely chomping at the bit to get another brew session under our belts. We did have the opportunity to brew on Friday, but chose to support Recess Brewing, a local brewery that just opened its doors this past Tuesday. I know right, twist our arms. So we went, had some great beers and met the owner, Matt who is a really cool guy. He even let us into the brewery and didn’t get mad when we drooled all over his equipment. Good dude! We didn’t take many pictures because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Seth did snap a few which I will gladly share with you now!


Oh yes, beer porn! This is Recess Brewing’s Pedagogical Session Porter. You read that right, Session Porter. It’s got all the big bold flavor of a Porter, but you can drink it all day! That’s a win – win defined my friends! Want another picture of this beautiful beer? Ok!


Boom! Would have looked nicer with full glasses, but we had a tough time keeping our glasses full!


This is their 2211 IPA. Beautiful AND delicious, it’s the total package! I love their description of this beer as well.

“Have you ever been punched in the face by a flower? This floral IPA that is made with multiple hop varieties totaling about 2 pounds/barrel and with it comes an aroma that will attack your senses.”

I can now happily say I’ve been punched in the face by a flower and will continue to be punched in the face by a flower for many years to come! One of the best IPAs I’ve ever had.


Of course we have a picture of Brian doing Brian stuff!

Like I said, we didn’t take too many pictures, but I would like to share the other brews we had as well.

Hop Square: Hoppy American Brown –“The very first beer through the equipment. A happy accident that created a hoppier American brown. It has been so well received, we’re working to duplicate it to offer it alongside Four Square.”
This beer was very interesting. A different take on the traditional Brown Ale. Delicious to say the least!

Traitor: Extra Special Bitter –
“Like a famous traitor of the American Revolutionary War, this beer will deceive you. This ESB is hopped so it smells like an American Ale, but at first drink it reveals its true colors as an English Ale.”
Truly deceiving and truly amazing! You definitely can’t judge the book by its cover on this one!


Here’s Brian, Matt and Seth in the Brewery, it was a great way to end an awesome night! Thank you Matt for the wonderful hospitality, see you again soon!

Connect with Recess Brewing at
Recessbrewing.com or

Or go visit them at
307 N Main Street in Edwardsville, IL

Well, that’s it! You’re updated! We are planning a brew session for this Friday so you’ll have another Monday morning update to look forward to next week!