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Ladies and gentlemen, how the heck are ya? I just have a quick little update for you this morning because we did not brew on Friday. We did, however, keg the Chocolate Milk Stout and give the XPA a taste. Speaking of XPA, here she is!


This beer fires on all five senses! Let me explain.

Sight: Beautiful golden orange color.
Smell: Tropical happiness.
Taste: Citrusy hop bitterness.
Touch: Cold, in an exciting way.
Hearing: If you put your ear up to the glass, you can hear angels sing.

Ok maybe those last two were a stretch. It’s a great beer guys. Now on to the Chocolate Milk Stout!


Secondary fermentation is complete, the cocoa nibs did their thing, and this beer is fantastic!


Filtering the Chocolate Milk Stout. Only single stage filtration for this beast.


Filling up the kegs. As Brian would say, it’s blacker than a pimp’s heart!

That’s all for the pictures, told you it was going to be a quick one. I do want to remind you about our events though.


We’ll be pouring three of our brews Saturday May 7th at Sparta City Park in lovely Sparta, IL.

Can’t make it out?


We’ll be pouring the same three brews on Sunday May 15th at Recess Brewing in lovely Edwardsville, IL.

Come to one, come to both, come say “hi” and drink our beer!

Until next time…