Its finally here! The first batch of brew is ready to be introduced to the world. I found it hard to sleep last night knowing that just hours away, the grand unveiling of Regular Guy beer will be upon us. It is both thrilling and nerve racking. What if it tastes like donkey piss? I really doubt that it will. I am expecting more of a quadracorn secretion. But alas, this was a static recipe, and not one of Sir Sethington’s creations. Who knows, we could end up with a pair of dress socks instead of the Red Rider BB gun under the brewing tree.

Next week the true genius of Brew-master Seth will be either confirmed or denied. Our APA will be ready, and this was a totally original creation. Not to spoil the surprise, but it looks and smells like it will be amazing. In the on-deck circle is the Honey Brown. Justin and I snuck a peek at it last week, and it actually made my schwanz move. This one will definitely be a home run! Full-bodied, slightly sweet with a clean finish. I feel like Christmas will be coming every-other Friday as our labors-of-love finish their brewery tour and will be released upon the lips of the world.

Before I drift back off to the sugar-beer plums dancing in my head, I just want to give proper props to the rest of the Regular Guy brotherhood. Seth and Justin, I could not be more proud of what we are doing and all of the hard work that has been done. This may be the greatest adventure ever embarked on by three Regular Guys. We were tired of the “Soda-Pop” beers and the “Skunky-Snob” beers, so we decided to do something about it. We decided to make flavorful, clean, refreshing beer with taste. We have earned it and we will definitely enjoy it. Happy drinking to all, and to all a good night!