Boom! Another Breese beer!


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Hey friends! Nice to see you! So, I’m going to skip the long intro here this week because I’m just so damn excited to share our next beer for the Breese Fall Festival. Brian, Seth, and I got together on Friday to sample the Chocolate Milk Stout, keg the Cream Ale, and add some jalapeños to the Hot Blonde. I have pictures and a video if you’d like to see them. You would?!? Let’s do the damn thing!  Continue reading

Getting ready for Breese


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Hello all you beautiful beer people! Hopefully you all had a great weekend and are kicking this Monday square in the throat! How was our weekend? I sure am glad you asked. It was fan-flipping-tastic! Even though the brewathon for the Breese Fall Festival is complete, we still have plenty of work to do to get ready. This past Friday Brian, Seth and I got together to sample the White IPA, filter and keg our Chocolate Milk Stout and peek in on the Cream Ale. 

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The “brewathon” has ended


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I know, probably the saddest title I’ve ever read too. No tears though, friends, there’s plenty of great content ahead! This past Friday Brian, Seth and I got together to brew our final beer for the Breese Fall Festival. The event is less than a month away so I suggest you put it on your calendars, smartphones, write on your palm, tie a string around your finger, whatever you have to do! Just be there. October 8th everybody. Now, on to the beer!

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You can’t stop the “brewathon” baby!


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Maybe you can’t stop the brewathon, but illness can definitely delay it. Last week we were supposed to brew our third beer for the Breese Fall Festival, but Seth fell ill and sidelined our plans. No big deal, we had one extra week to play with so we’re still on track. So what if it’s technically not a “brewathon” anymore. Maybe it’s more like two mini brewathons separated by a week off. Regardless, we brewed and it was stupendous. Stupendous? 
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The “brewathon” continues 


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Ok, so here’s the deal. Everybody hates Mondays, it’s a proven fact. Well, I just got Mondayed right in the balls. Here I am, writing a beautiful blog post. It’s so descriptive. The adjectives were flowing. It was so damn witty that I even chuckled to myself a few times. It was grade A material. I’m almost done with the damn thing and WordPress decides to blank me. All that’s left is an untitled, blank draft in my post section. Am I pissed? Yep. Will this version of my original blog post suck? Yep. Well, yes and no. Can pretty brewing pictures suck? No, no they can’t.


So anyway, the second beer we brewed for the Breese Fall Festival was a white IPA. This was a new recipe, and quite frankly, we’re taking a pretty big risk brewing a beer that we’ve never brewed for a competition. We have high hopes for this beer and we’re pretty confident that it’ll turn out great, but if it sucks, we simply won’t bring it along. You know what? I just sound pissy, so here’s some pictures. 

Beer 2 of 4 

Big ol bucket of grains ready to be crushed and turned into delicious beer.

Quite the impressive hop bill!

Seth setting things up and Brian crushing the grains.

Brian gets up close and personal with the grains.

Seth doughing in.

Justin making sure that we don’t get any pesky dough balls in our mash.

A closer look inside the mash tun.

Filling the kettle. Going to be a pretty beer.

Kettle full, waiting on the boil.

Filling the fermentation buckets.

A little fuller.


Aerating before pitching the yeast.

There’s that big ol starter!

Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s all I got. I’ll stop now before my frustration makes your Monday worse than it probably already is.

Until next time…