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This week, like most weeks, started off with an update about our brewnanigans (yes I just combined brewing with shenanigans, deal with it!) that took place over the weekend. This week, unlike most weeks, comes with exciting news, an experience the Regular Guys haven’t had yet.

Let’s rewind to two Wednesdays ago.

It was a day like most other early September days, incredibly hot, terribly humid. After a long day of work I found myself at a FedEx with two packages. One package addressed to Nick from Nick’s Beer Blog the other to Lee from Beerin’it. I was sending our beer out for sampling and review. This is something that we’ve never done before. Sure we’ve given friends and family and a few local strangers samples of our beer, and while we value their opinions, it tends to be ever so slightly biased. Anyway, finally we were going to get an honest review from people who know beer.

Thursday. I didn’t think much about the delivery as it wasn’t going to arrive at the destinations until Friday. My only concern was that the packages would make it in one piece.

Friday. I checked the status of the delivery on the FedEx website every hour on the hour. I gave updates to Nick and Lee every time I checked until finally it had been delivered. Then I proceeded to bug them more about when they were going to sample our beer! Not my most professional behavior, I must admit. Nick came right out and said he wouldn’t be sampling until early the following week. Lee put his in the refrigerator right away, but kept me on pins and needles until last Sunday when he posted this to Twitter.


The complement and beautiful photo were well worth the wait! I felt like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Someone from a different geographical area enjoyed and appreciated our beer! It’s a wonderful feeling. You can read the full review here.

Now Nick kept us waiting a bit longer, but we just so happened to send our beer to him when he had five other beers to review. Sucks to be him right? So I did get an idea of how his review was going to go when he sent me a direct message on Twitter last Tuesday that went a little something like this.


One of the best porters he’s ever had? That’s a huge compliment coming from a guy who reviews beer all the time! You can read the full review here.

Two beers positively reviewed from two different parts of the country, not a bad start for Regular Guy Brewing! Nick has two more reviews coming, one for our Hot Blonde Jalapeño Blonde Ale and one for our currently unnamed and not quite finished EPA. I’ll share those as they become available.

Until next time…keep the shiny side up!