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Another weekend has come and gone too fast. At least we got a little work done on Friday. We have a homebrew competition coming up in October and we are taking five gallons of our Hot Blonde Jalapeño Blonde Ale and five gallons of our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter. It’s a pretty neat concept, it’s more of an informal competition, but there will be about 200 tasters. That’s a lot of exposure!

Anyway back to Friday. Secondary on our Smokey Grove was complete so it was time to keg. Once the kegging was finished, we snuck a taste of the leftovers. I have to say, this was by far our best batch. The smokiness and the apple sweetness were perfectly balanced. Our last batch was a little heavy on the smoke, but this one was damn near perfect. Kudos to Seth for not only creating an amazing recipe, but also for achieving the proper smoke flavor to balance the whole thing out.

I don’t have many pictures to share this week, but here they are!


Secondary fermentation is complete and we’re ready to keg!


Brian is doing…something?


Seth is the beer whisperer. They’re having a conversation right now.


Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter into the keg. Carbonate and let it sit until the competition. It’s going to be tough to not sneak a few pints!

Well, that’s it! Another brew in the books! I hope you all have a great week. Big brew weekend coming up with StolzeStyle Brewing, our super top secret brew is on deck!

Until next time…